Leader, Spring 2017: Scattered Community


In-between times by Jan Steckley
Crossing the threshold from the familiar to the unknown

Go, church! by Ron Adams
When members think they have better things to do

One church’s journey to simplify by Randell Neudorf
The Commons experiments with gathering simply

Just say yes! by Alysa Short
Finding people who are willing to serve

Scattered to gather by Kelly Bates Oglesby
Moving beyond worship that relies on culture and tradition

Gathering in Spirit by Otto Driedger and Florence Driedger
How to be a church when scattered across the globe

The question by Alissa Bender, Rafael Barahona, Elaine Maust
What is one way your church remains connected when you are not gathered for worship? Share a story about its effectiveness.


Editorial by Amy Gingerich
Scattered community

In worship by Adam Tice
Keeps and drops

In the Word by Meghan Florian
A little flock

In the family by Chris Lenshyn
Naming our reality

In the details by Marty Lehman
Crisis planning

In the world by Ruth Harder
Don’t cry for me

Leader tips

Virtual gatherings, online community;
The spiritual practice of staying connected;
Connecting during Sabbath

Worship Resources

Pentecost: Celebrating God’s manifold manifestations;
Reproducible resources

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