Fall 2018: Faith Formation


Producing “fragrant” Anabaptists by Shawn Hilliard
How can congregations foster and sustain faith formation?

The stories we tell by Pam Nightingale and Ken Quiring
Finding ourselves in the biblical narrative

The technology of discipleship by Natalie Frisk
Making an online connection for a network of people and churches

Question by Kevin Chupp, Elaine Maust, and Suella Gerber
How is your congregation working at faith formation in new ways?

Parents are the first spiritual teachers by Shana Peachey Boshart
How does the congregation equip parents to nurture faith at home?

Love, learn, serve, and grow by Alicia D. Manning
Faith formation at Calvary Community Church


Editorial by Amy Gingerich
Making faith flourish

In worship by Sara Erb
These odd and beautiful moments

In the Word by Bradley Roth
God’s silent company

In the family by Talashia Keim Yoder
Giving power to the people

In the details by Paul Loewen
Ending well

In the world by Vikki Pruitte-Sorrells
The embodiment of Jesus’ teachings

Leader tips

Being church for one another;
In tune with the times

Worship Resources

Advent–Epiphany: The Lord is our righteousness; Journey Forward; Voices Together sampler

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